More notes from my phone

Brainstorm session notes- 

Thoughts before recording with phantom heart at Rocket snake studios. Feeling calm, cool and collected. Today was a great mental health day, organizing things and catching up on household chores. And catching up with a few friends. I am also realizing every day that making the intention to catch up with people is an important step of my mental health.


I truly feel like the limo to Jean never did much for me. Honestly. In the way that I swear I don’t feel the effects of caffeine with drinking a soda. Speaking into your phoneIs hilariously perfect. Thank you AutoCorrect. I should give thanks to everyone as often as I can.


Chase the moon. Look at the moon. Listen to the moon? Is the moon significant? It feels like it is, it’s beautiful and trying to teach me something.


American culture is evolving and giving a human Citizen the potential to become a professor ask. Conserving your brain for as long as possible. It’s never been easy. You just have to learn, and work together with other people. And lose the ego. And be passionate about stuff.And hang out with people who think that what you CAN do is awesome


That book where the dude goes off into the wilderness to prove something and ends up dying. I bet he was manic. I felt that way before, you against the world just to see if you could do it. Seinfeld had a bit about men, most men, feeling like they are low level superheroes. Clichés are so funny because they’re true.

 Interviews and 


Do u have an idea and an afternoon?


If we have live cameras everywhere at all times we could put every situation up to an ethical vote everyone would see the event at one viewpoint and everyone could vote how they truly felt. Best legal defense you have his record yourself? And explain what your thought process was in real time while in incident is happening

I love to document things. And attach meaning to them and what they mean to me personally.

DLD blog: 

My car is starting to become like my moving backpack. Living out of them both this summer. So many shows. 


It’s freaking bonkers to think that the butterflies or moths that have an owl’s eye on their wings was crafted from thousands of years of evolution. The detail and accuracy of the design on the wings is just crazy when I stop and think about it. Thoughts from the clouds 💨✈️💨✈️


Serve others as often as you are able. 


Change something small and see if someone notices :)




MTVs DLD approach?

Make a lyric or otherwise video that plays along with my set. 


1 min clips of singles Hitman. My mind and drugs?

chorus verse out. 

30 songs per hour. Mash them when possible? Alphabetical. 



Do my own music videos?

For every song? 

I think things fell into place when I stopped saying and did more doing. Less bragging and left more to discover. 

Quit asking just do! Get feedback from band members that’s what they are for 

Focus on the lyrics? 

Post DLD patreon website address for YouTube videos? Music represents a people. 
Lipsync straight on the whole video. Intercut with?

Make up the jazz scene with Robert!!

Write single with casey Call 

Write single with Reid 

When I travel I feel inspired. A leader in my hometown. Like I want to represent the people of Minnesota. 

“Validation“ - single 

Release cover album??

Hire Scotty to help with admin?

Green room booking?

Intern at a recording studio? 

Develop a new show.

Lyrics with songs. Storytellers.  


Set up and capture every idea?


Loop it until it’s good enough.

What are we doing here?

Be brave and strong enough to figure out a way to be what you want to be and once you’re there, don’t be a dick about it.

Tell my truth?
Keep trying to listen to the right thoughts
Be the record keeper of your own thoughts?




Who am I right now?


Diet yoga 


A leader?

The glue. 

The mood setter.



The statue

Appreciates and truly benefits from weed. I’m a happier more positive DLD. 

I’m a musician who can work from anywhere

I’m working all the time.

My job is to be a representation of who can should be. 

When I travel, I feel connected to the collective...for better or worse. 

Filter and do your best. 

Be inspired by the lyrics. 

Wanna Be drummer 

My job is to be a statue, that’s my calling?

Solo song - collaboration without anyone. For the first time ever. 




Enders shadow thoughts: 

Pg. 9- he lets the reader and the narrator wonder the motives of the hungry child, creates intrigue for the reader...

Pg 18- " because these fools always look up to power. People below you, they give you power, you give them respect/hope. They think they don't have any so they don't mind giving it up.



Pg 173 timely message on my way to lex ****













Saturday July 24th. 3p. Big Group dancing music video. ??


Powderhorn Park. S MPLS. 


DJ LeDuc you’re in the Internet D


Daily DLD playlist 



Dancing while driving

Be safe ?


Okay tutorial video of what is law and what is legal while driving. 

Proof that I’m very concersted on driving, and explain traffic situations? 


The moment when i decide i wanna do a cover: 

Make a caroool Kareoke of just me and then mashed with in studio clips of me performing them. 


That’s when regaurdless of what other ppl think, I feel most in my zone, in my rhythm. 


I am a very social person. I think that’s why I don’t mind sharing details about my life. Because were all just a story. And it’s fun to live it



A way for me to deal with my social anxiety, is to speak out loud all of the thoughts that I’m nervous to say around other people. And then get feedback later when not in person from friends on social media, or strangers on the Internet even better to get a more honest view of your behavior. And how it’s affecting other people


Jim Carrey was an inspiration because he was an adult that was having a blast 


I wanna live that joyful of life, and i want ppl to be able to live their version of it too



Play a game of hide and seek? 

Go on a solo adventure and don’t bring a phone? Lol



My purpose on earth is to show people how to live. 

  • My lifelong goal is to work towards the ability to  preserve consciousness, so that we essentially can be long as we don’t get killed by something. 
  • Cornerstone: Find out who my biological father is.
  • Current life objective: Propel Phantom Heart to worldwide fame. Use platform to spread the gospel of love. 


Random ideas:

Use sunflower as a megaphone metaphor somewhere. Thanks 


The Kia is like my Bluetooth GoPro it's trying to teach me something

Beef jerky is the modern day cigar