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Q: Who do/did you perform live with?
A: Most notably, I played bass for Minneapolis indie outfit, Enemy Planes, since it’s inception in 2012. We won 2015’s Hard Rock Rising international competition, earning a festival slot with Avicii, Kings of Leon & Lenny Kravitz in Barcelona, Spain. 
I founded The MTVs in 2011, and have self-booked, and performed over 1,000 shows to date. 
In 2012, I completed the 100 videos in 100 days challenge on YouTube gaining 3k subscribers, and over 350,000 views. In 2017, I joined Pop Rocks and got to perform for our US Air Force troops overseas in Kuwait. 
Other acts I’ve been in: Toast, Johnnyrook, Holiday, Pictures of Then, Half Act, The Less Complex, The Farewell Circuit, Wrecked Wheelhouse, 80HD and most recently, Phantom Heart

Q: What’s the current buzz?
A: “The lead single from his upcoming EP Lucid is “Hitman,” which has a sexier pulse and more fun-loving feel than LeDuc’s previous work with Enemy Planes. Director Jack Davis of LoonarCity took notes from the video for Olivia Newton-John’s “Physical” for this clip, adding a darker, more sardonic feel.” -Jerard Fagerberg, City Pages.
“LeDuc has provided the low-end throttle for a number of prominent midwest independent rock acts over the past decade. His true spirit emerges as a shimmering hybrid of pop, folk, electronica and alt rock gems on two new solo EPs coming spring of 2018.” -Scott Herold, CEO Rock the Cause Records

Q: Where can I see you perform next?

A: Go here: Pop Rocks, The MTVs, Phantom Heart & DLD show calendar.    

Q: When did you start playing music?

A: I really can’t believe it’s been 20 years since a high school friend taught me the bass line to RATM’s Guerilla Radio, and invited me to practice with his band for the first time. It was the greatest feeling I’d ever felt.