We bought a house! Plus, thoughts on Spotify for Artists.

Hey! A quick note to tell you that Cass and I bought a house! We close on July 27, and the house is quite move in ready. I'll be tricking out the new studio area to be able to create SO much more. 

Also, a reminder to PLEASE follow me on Spotify, and add me to your playlists. It's the only way it works. Here's so more info if you're curious or if you are an artist yourself. Read more: Spotify playlists: Artist Guide

Need booking help? I run a booking agency called Demo Charm. Also trying to start a blog over there where you can listen to song demos and final album versions side by side. BANDS, get at me. Let's do work. 

I've been chatting with some other creative types about some big projects for the near future. Keep tabs on Patreon

The month we've got studio time booked for Phantom Heart and Pop Rocks. As well as tour journals, flying with boats & 23 shows in 31 days this July. Oh man. The hustle is real. 

Love + peace to you. I hope you are working towards the life you want. I am, and it's being made possible by people like you.