I’m so grateful for the support of my fam, friends and fans/clients that turn into friends.
I watched that lady gaga doc on Netflix and it’s so inspiring. It makes me feel like I AM on the right track, and a lot of days I need that affirmation.

I’ve got 2 MTVs show and 2 Pop Rocks shows this week. I’m gonna work on another cover medley mash up, and try to write something for Phantom Heart.
I am having a video premier at uptown VFW for my new song Slow Burn featuring Karin Haase on vocals. I recorded the track in Lexington KY with Duane Lundy. It’s my favorite track I’ve ever done. Please come to the show, it’s free and Phantom Heart, Toy Planes, and Timbre Ghost will all perform. Great night of music. At least 5 creeps from The Haunted Basement will be in make up and costume, and you should too. I will also be in costume, but haven’t figured it out yet. I think I am going to bring bedsheets and make you wear a costume if you don’t have one. LOL.
Extra thanks Matt & Courtney, and Matt from 80HD for the reminder about gratitude.

Love, DLD