Stream of thoughts. Early July

Sometimes, especially when driving, I think and think and think. Sometimes ideas come up, sometimes I'm thinking about work or friends and relationships. I usually try to speak into my phone and just make little notes. Here are my little notes from yesterday.

July 5th, 2018.

Believe you are here for a purpose, and you’ll never work another day in your life meaning then becomes attached every moment. And life really is that beautiful sometimes. And you’ve got to make lemonade when you got lemons.

Do you really actually read the lyrics to your favorite songs? It's fun to live like there are  messages to you in them. #conspiracyTalk lol. Just trying to channel my inner Jay z over here.

I play all day. Be in my life, dammit. I want to be a leader. I want to be Harry Potter. I want to be Jon Snow. And I see myself in all of those characters. But I also don’t want to be viewed as narcissistic or full of myself. Even though I kno.

DLD karaoke with the go Pro. Also this is the episode during episodes of this this is so great. This is how I come up with stupid ideas. I feel like the best thing about me is that I tried to be a good dude all the time. And it’s so easy to do when you just take care of a few basic human needs. Whatever. #selfLove

Carpool Kareoke !! First thing with Sarah transfer files weekly . Find solutions to problems ethically , that’s how to get a head 

Give props and watch 

Get on my playlists

Listen to the music 

 Just listen to the music that you love and be inspired by it. And strive to live like that, trying to be that as much as you can.


Welcome to my office.


Distance shouldn’t be thing anymore. 


I can hide this journal in plain sight right?


My Library iTunes shuffle for a judgement call. 


Don’t you want to feel like it’s your destiny to be who you are?

That’s why ppl love video games so much. It’s why i love Zelda breath of the wild. I feel like Link. It feels right! Same when you listen to your favorite songs. It feels right. Go that way, that is the universe telling you what it wants you to be doing.

I have to earn an audience every night. I don’t have a draw, I know how to entertain the people who are already there. People love good songs. I’m obsessed with them. That’s why I really like being in a cover band. It’s a taste of what that full time life is like. But i don’t want that either?

Bring me your passion project ideas, and let’s make it happen. 

When you give yourself to a community, you can get so much out of it. It happened with CKKL and ne Mpls Fb, and I’m sure that’s what people love about sports and religion etc. creating a bond over shared value

I’ve been spending too much time trying to convince you. I just need to show you. 

Show and tell. Show, don’t tell. 

I gotta stop promoting, and just live and try to give heads up when i can. 

It’s all just a new game. I have 36 months of listeners on Spotify. Up from my favorite number of 29 from last month.

Everything is some version of a pyramid scheme.  So go out and get to the top of one. Just don’t let it get to your head.

Hope this wasn't too weird. Let me know what you think in the comments. Have a good one!

We bought a house! Plus, thoughts on Spotify for Artists.

Hey! A quick note to tell you that Cass and I bought a house! We close on July 27, and the house is quite move in ready. I'll be tricking out the new studio area to be able to create SO much more. 

Also, a reminder to PLEASE follow me on Spotify, and add me to your playlists. It's the only way it works. Here's so more info if you're curious or if you are an artist yourself. Read more: Spotify playlists: Artist Guide

Need booking help? I run a booking agency called Demo Charm. Also trying to start a blog over there where you can listen to song demos and final album versions side by side. BANDS, get at me. Let's do work. 

I've been chatting with some other creative types about some big projects for the near future. Keep tabs on Patreon

The month we've got studio time booked for Phantom Heart and Pop Rocks. As well as tour journals, flying with boats & 23 shows in 31 days this July. Oh man. The hustle is real. 

Love + peace to you. I hope you are working towards the life you want. I am, and it's being made possible by people like you. 

June 2018 update

Now that the sister EP's are out into the world. My attention turns back to my cover bands. I'm playing 22 shows in June alone. It's gonna be a crazy summer. All shows are at
I'll be releasing a new single called Slow Burn this fall. It will be part two of 2 videos I did with director Paul Von Stoetzel. It features CREEPS from the haunted basement. It will be out just before Halloween. Spooky. 
Also working on a couple tracks with casey and max from enemy planes, as well as rapper Ecid out of NYC. Thanks to everyone who is supporting these projects on Patreon. I appreciate you so much. LOVE


Thanks to everyone who came to Mortimers for the Phantom Heart show. 33 feels alright to me. I've been thinking lately about nicknames. How they 'stick' to people even if they don't want them. They also can tell you how and when a person knows you from. I recently saw a friend from high school and called her Tammy in front of her friends. They all looked at her funny and go, "HE KNOWS YOU AS TAMMY???" 
I love being called DLD. It's a nickname I got from working at Hell's Kitchen. Most of my family called me David. There's like 2 people that call me Davey. A lot of the guys I play football with and bandmates call me Dave, or LeDuc. I like em all.