Why I love facebook, and other random thoughts throughout the day

Why I love Facebook: It keeps me in touch with the people that I want to be in touch with.

It just so happens to be a fuck ton of people.

Speak your truth - album name?

The fact is, it’s more fun to live like you believe that you’re here for a purpose.

Do you have a one year, five years, 20 year plan? I think I might get into politics one day.

I’m becoming more and more convinced that we should not have kids.

I can put on a face and tell you a story 

I think i can beat you. Prove me wrong.

I’m just gonna let the music tell me what I’m supposed to do. 

I’m a hopeless liberal. I actually think we could get out of our own heads, and have it in us to love each other. It’s really not that hard, if you let go, and make the best of your situation. Serve someone. Do it as best as you can. 

Only bring out your big guns when you absolutely need to.

Compete, aim to be a gracious winner, and not a sore loser.

Keep to yourself when your manic.

Let the phone be your safety. Be rude with it, if you need to so you can control your social anxiety. 

Advice I'm giving myself. 

So many people i know, have such great ideas, and no time to realize them. Realize them, realize them, realize them. 

I think, therefore 

I am. Hmm. 

That was a joke. 

I think you can tell which songs are genuine. You can feel it. 

Did kapps like to drive because he didn’t know what to say?

It’s okay to make a puzzle, like the maze in 3rd grade... 

It’s easier to talk to strangers because they don’t have any reason to lie. 

Less handouts I’ll pay full price

Use Social media SMARTER. 

These days the radio station is still  just the best our society can do right now, to fill that need of easy access to music, it’s on you to dig a little deeper and find out what music really speaks to you.

Mega quick mash up a ton of choruses would prob be fun to do for the mtvs...