Today’s brainstorm/journal session

Brainstorm session notes- 


Saturday July 24th. 3p. Big Group dancing music video. ??


Powderhorn Park. S MPLS. 


DJ LeDuc you’re in the Internet D


Daily DLD playlist 



Dancing while driving

Be safe ?


Okay tutorial video of what is law and what is legal while driving. 


I can always do better to not drive distracted, but we spend so much time in our cars. It’s like my office. I feel like i can be my most comfortable in my car, usually by myself!


The moment when i decide i wanna do a cover: 

Make a caroool Kareoke of just me and then mashed with in studio clips of me performing them. 


That’s when regaurdless of what other ppl think, I feel most in my zone, in my rhythm. 


I am a very social person. I think that’s why I don’t mind sharing details about my life. Because were all just a story. And it’s fun to live it



A way for me to deal with my social anxiety, is to speak out loud all of the thoughts that I’m nervous to say around other people. And then get feedback later when not in person from friends on social media, or strangers on the Internet even better to get a more honest view of your behavior. And how it’s affecting other people


Jim Carrey was an inspiration because he was an adult that was having a blast 


I wanna live that joyful of life, and i want ppl to be able to live their version of it too