I’m so grateful for the support of my fam, friends and fans/clients that turn into friends.
I watched that lady gaga doc on Netflix and it’s so inspiring. It makes me feel like I AM on the right track, and a lot of days I need that affirmation.

I’ve got 2 MTVs show and 2 Pop Rocks shows this week. I’m gonna work on another cover medley mash up, and try to write something for Phantom Heart.
I am having a video premier at uptown VFW for my new song Slow Burn featuring Karin Haase on vocals. I recorded the track in Lexington KY with Duane Lundy. It’s my favorite track I’ve ever done. Please come to the show, it’s free and Phantom Heart, Toy Planes, and Timbre Ghost will all perform. Great night of music. At least 5 creeps from The Haunted Basement will be in make up and costume, and you should too. I will also be in costume, but haven’t figured it out yet. I think I am going to bring bedsheets and make you wear a costume if you don’t have one. LOL.
Extra thanks Matt & Courtney, and Matt from 80HD for the reminder about gratitude.

Love, DLD

Advice I’m giving myself.

DLD blog posts: 








New plan for the rest of July: 


-Twitch for rehearsals & a substitute for Facebook live

-Twitter for steam of thoughts/brainstorms/comments to celebrities and ppl who inspire me. Promote shows. 

-Desktop Facebook for very special show/life announcements to fam and personal friends!  

-Desktop Facebook for advice/recommendations/conversation from peers 

- Fb messager for communication with ppl i don’t have phone numbers 


- Deleted from phone: FB app & Snapchat.

- Added FaceTime to front page


- Spend all the extra time being creative, and improving my own bubble and community. Spend less time reading fake news that the sky is falling, and America is a horrible place. We have an unqualified, child-like irrational person who leading our country, but I can’t let that bring me down to a level of immobility and depression. A LOT of us are lucky to be born in this country. Most of us can create the life we want through hard work, and the support of people/animals who love you. I’m feeling balanced, and good, and I want you to feel that too. All the time. I think I only have this one life, and I don’t want to waste any of it with bs.


I’m going to dress for success everyday I have the energy for, which I aim to be every day. 

Also, i need to remember to dress in layers and look at the weather before I leave. 


I need to schedule time in my calendar to work out.

I need to save for the future and hold myself accountable for sticking to a budget, because just like the lessons of growing a garden, if you plant a seed, and work hard to help it grow. It will bare plenty of fruit to share for yourself and others. 

There IS already enough for everyone. It is only the system and the thoughts of few that are 

preventing other from having an “I’m okay, you’re okay” life. 


Smoking weed helps my social anxiety. It gives me something cool to do to give me a break from a conversation.

Remember to force yourself to look people in the eye, and listen and be present in the convo and not distracted. 

Write things down and think them thru before you post them.

Ask for critiques and criticism and try to not take it personally and learn from it.

Be aware of your emotions and how they are effecting other living things and the possible outcomes of irrational actions. Effort to find a mutual understanding of what is irrational, to hold each other to that standard. 

Be an outspoken advocate for things that make sense. Speak out against hate, judgement and things especially that fellow men do, that are NOT okay. Be an ally. Always. Treat it like it’s my job as a white male. It can be a rewarding way to serve and feel like I’m making a difference and fighting for common sense and decency. I wanna fight for and align myself with the good side, however I may see that, no matter if my feeling is a part of the majority or minority. 

Stop liking every status, send a message instead. 

I need to let go of #FOMO

I need to stop writing in this journal now.

Organizing my backpack/manpurse is important to do often... gotta know where my tools are!


Remember the piece of advice from Cass as it pertains to work: “put value in everything you’re offering to people” 



I should make a show called “The Silver Lining”


Look at a chore like loading dishes and actually speak out a thankfulness sentence, something like I’m glad I don’t have to wash them by hand. At the same time, listen to an audio book so you are feeling dbl productive at the same time. 


❤️🍻🤔🎉♊️☮️💟🕉 all of the time, 


Today’s brainstorm/journal session

Brainstorm session notes- 


Saturday July 24th. 3p. Big Group dancing music video. ??


Powderhorn Park. S MPLS. 


DJ LeDuc you’re in the Internet D


Daily DLD playlist 



Dancing while driving

Be safe ?


Okay tutorial video of what is law and what is legal while driving. 


I can always do better to not drive distracted, but we spend so much time in our cars. It’s like my office. I feel like i can be my most comfortable in my car, usually by myself!


The moment when i decide i wanna do a cover: 

Make a caroool Kareoke of just me and then mashed with in studio clips of me performing them. 


That’s when regaurdless of what other ppl think, I feel most in my zone, in my rhythm. 


I am a very social person. I think that’s why I don’t mind sharing details about my life. Because were all just a story. And it’s fun to live it



A way for me to deal with my social anxiety, is to speak out loud all of the thoughts that I’m nervous to say around other people. And then get feedback later when not in person from friends on social media, or strangers on the Internet even better to get a more honest view of your behavior. And how it’s affecting other people


Jim Carrey was an inspiration because he was an adult that was having a blast 


I wanna live that joyful of life, and i want ppl to be able to live their version of it too

Why I love facebook, and other random thoughts throughout the day

Why I love Facebook: It keeps me in touch with the people that I want to be in touch with.

It just so happens to be a fuck ton of people.

Speak your truth - album name?

The fact is, it’s more fun to live like you believe that you’re here for a purpose.

Do you have a one year, five years, 20 year plan? I think I might get into politics one day.

I’m becoming more and more convinced that we should not have kids.

I can put on a face and tell you a story 

I think i can beat you. Prove me wrong.

I’m just gonna let the music tell me what I’m supposed to do. 

I’m a hopeless liberal. I actually think we could get out of our own heads, and have it in us to love each other. It’s really not that hard, if you let go, and make the best of your situation. Serve someone. Do it as best as you can. 

Only bring out your big guns when you absolutely need to.

Compete, aim to be a gracious winner, and not a sore loser.

Keep to yourself when your manic.

Let the phone be your safety. Be rude with it, if you need to so you can control your social anxiety. 

Advice I'm giving myself. 

So many people i know, have such great ideas, and no time to realize them. Realize them, realize them, realize them. 

I think, therefore 

I am. Hmm. 

That was a joke. 

I think you can tell which songs are genuine. You can feel it. 

Did kapps like to drive because he didn’t know what to say?

It’s okay to make a puzzle, like the maze in 3rd grade... 

It’s easier to talk to strangers because they don’t have any reason to lie. 

Less handouts I’ll pay full price

Use Social media SMARTER. 

These days the radio station is still  just the best our society can do right now, to fill that need of easy access to music, it’s on you to dig a little deeper and find out what music really speaks to you.

Mega quick mash up a ton of choruses would prob be fun to do for the mtvs...